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New Release Round-up: February 2023

"So many books, so little time" is a common phrase that every reader understands as they look (longingly? dazedly?) at their TBR pile. I know I'm certainly guilty of wishing I had more time to read! However, by that same token, I think adding books to your TBR pile has become a hobby in and… Continue reading New Release Round-up: February 2023

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Calling all romance authors!

Do you need help with administrative tasks?Does your manuscript need editing or proofreading?Do you want to spend more time writing? Have you considered hiring a PA? I'm currently offering author services as a virtual assistant for romance authors! I can help with a range of tasks so you can get back to doing what you… Continue reading Calling all romance authors!

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Love is in the Air!

It's Valentine's Day and I wanted to share some of my favourite romance books across a range of subgenres & tropes with you! Some of these books I've read and some are on my TBR (and I fully expect to LOVE them based on my friends' rave reviews). Since the list will be quite long,… Continue reading Love is in the Air!


ARC Review: Tamed – Alison Aimes (The Condemned #4)

★★★★ TW: Contains flashbacks of physical/sexual assault and incest. The Blurb“Talk or suffer the consequences.” Ruthless warrior Grif McIntyre is known for his brutal interrogation techniques, a skill he learned much too young from a monster even more savage than him. Still, Grif’s skills with ropes, restraints, and unbearable pleasure are unrivaled. His methods merciless,… Continue reading ARC Review: Tamed – Alison Aimes (The Condemned #4)


ARC Review: The Tomb: Exposed – Ella Burns (The Tomb #1)

★★★★ Please note: The Tomb is a dark prison romance intended for readers 18+ The BlurbThe Tomb. A prison run by inmates; it is home to the most despicable scum of the earth.And me.Ana, but call me Josh. My life depends on it. After disguising myself as a man for years, a fluke landed me… Continue reading ARC Review: The Tomb: Exposed – Ella Burns (The Tomb #1)