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New Releases: 29 September 2020

Check out the latest new releases from Valentine PR! Pic via Valentine PR The One That Got Away by @authorhalle is now LIVE! Ruby Turner was never meant to be mine. When I first met her, she was a fresh, young, American sports journalist trying to find her footing in a new life abroad. She… Continue reading New Releases: 29 September 2020


Teaser: September 2020

Check out the latest books being released by Valentine PR from 15 - 29 September! Pic via Valentine PR Out of Love by Jewel E. AnnComing September 27, 2020!  Conspiracies. Corruption. Serial killers.You name it—I'm fascinated by it. My mom always blamed my overly curious and highly suspicious mind on my dad. My incredibly overbearing… Continue reading Teaser: September 2020