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Favourite Series Recommendations

Today is my birthday so I wanted to celebrate the day by recommending and highlighting some of my all time favourite series! These are the books that I will gladly re-read a thousand times because they bring me so much joy. I've split the genres below into Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, and Paranormal Romance. I… Continue reading Favourite Series Recommendations

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2020: Favourite Books of the Month

The year is finally coming to a close, and what a year it's been! To celebrate some of the good that 2020 has brought, I've decided to list my favourite books read each month and include some notable mentions! January---Favourite BookCredence - Penelope DouglasNotable MentionsPunk 57 - Penelope DouglasWhiteout - Adriana AndersIce Planet Holiday -… Continue reading 2020: Favourite Books of the Month