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Book Mail from Bookish Friends

Recently, my lovely friend Ang aka PNR Book Lover Reviews sent me some book mail containing an assortment of books, bookmarks, a crochet book sleeve, wax melts and an art print. The pack was part of a giveaway prize pack for three lucky winners to celebrate reaching 5000 followers on her bookstagram! An amazing achievement… Continue reading Book Mail from Bookish Friends

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Fierce Friends in Fiction: Happy Galentine’s Day!

When most people think of romantic fiction, they immediately think of relationships between the two main characters. However, often the hero/heroine's friendship circle plays just as crucial a role in the main character's development; because, really, who would we be without the people who have our backs and vice versa? Jim Rohn once stated that… Continue reading Fierce Friends in Fiction: Happy Galentine’s Day!

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Everyday Magic in Bookish Friendships

"Everyday magic is pyjamas before 5pm"(as quoted on my stunning new candle) But everyday magic is also connecting with amazing people in the bookish community and developing genuine friendships with said people, despite having never met them in real life. In my everyday life, I'm known in my workplace as the one who always brings… Continue reading Everyday Magic in Bookish Friendships