Romanceopoly 2020 participant

One of my goals for 2020 is to take part in more challenges and one particular challenge that I’m keen to participant in is Romanceopoly. If you haven’t heard of Romanceopoly before, you can find more information here!

Ultimately though, its simply a mash-up of monopoly and romance, and a fun way to discover new reads. Each square of the monopoly board correlates to a specific type of book and just like monopoly, you make your war around the board. There is typically two routes to choose from: the direct route where you move along the board square by square; or the scenic route where you move along by rolling dice and moving the number of squares shown on the dice. My own journey is going to be a little more lax since I’m a big mood reader and I’m going to just check off each square randomly as I read a book in that category (aside from the specific challenge periods). We’ll call this third route: the wanderer!

Since so many people did incredibly well with 2019’s challenge, the hosts of Romanceopoly, Under the Covers Book Blog and Peace Love Books, have divided the gameplay into two packs: the Sun pack and the Moon pack. Each square will hold a different theme between the two packs which means participants who complete one pack can move around the board a second time with different reading options. I’m not really sure which pack I want to complete yet so I’m leaving my options open and by the end of 2020, I’m hoping to have completed one (if not both) packs.

You can follow my journey here:
The SUN Pack
The MOON Pack

Romanceopoly’s Sun and Moon packs