Review Policy

I am not currently accepting any review requests at the moment due to time constraints. However, if you’d like any promotional posts for your romance book, such as teasers or cover reveals, I am happy to accommodate any requests.

I am currently accepting romance books for review via email request only.

If you’re interested in having me review your romance book, please include the following information in the email:

– Book title
– Author
– Genre/sub-genre
– Summary
– Release date
– Book length
– Possible trigger warnings

I am happy to read ARCs in any format; however, please keep in mind that I do live in Australia if you’re wanting to send me a physical copy.

In addition to reviews, I am also happy to post teasers and cover reveals. Just let me know in the request email if you require any additional posts.

I post all of my reviews on my blog, goodreads and amazon accounts. I post a photo and include a mini review of the book to my bookstagram feed, and will share any of your images to my stories. Please note: I only share photos I’ve personally created to my bookstagram feed. If the book is provided via Netgalley, I also post on the Netgalley platform.

To send me your review request, please email me at