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New Release Blitz: Family Ties – Nat Chelloni

She’s the temptation he can’t resist.

Gina Leonardi is seventeen and romantic.

She wants to be an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, but it’s next to impossible—her family is in the Mafia.

She desperately fights for her rights, mutinying against the world where men treat women like accessories.

He’s everything she hates.

Renzo Castellano is twenty-nine.

He’s a true Cosa Nostra. He has no room for sentiments in his life because business always comes first for him.

Taking care of a rebellious teenage girl is the last thing he wants.

A chance encounter shatters their worlds because it’s not always business; sometimes, it’s strictly personal…

Purchase your copy on Amazon today or read on KU!

Family Ties is a suspenseful mafia romance featuring an age gap and marriage of convenience. If you enjoy mafia romance, you should also check out Nat Chelloni’s other mafia book A Favor for a Favor (read my review for A Favor for a Favor here).


Nat Chelloni is a TV personality, a screenwriter, a film critic, an avid book reader across all genres, and a self-published author. Connect with Nat on instagram!


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