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First Line Friday: Devil of Dublin – BB Easton

I sank my fingers knuckle deep into the spongy wool, trying not to squeal as I closed my fists around two satisfying handfuls of fluff.

Devil of Dublin – BB Easton

From the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 44 Chapters About 4 Men (inspiration for the Netflix Original series Sex/Life) comes a dark mafia romance steeped in Irish folklore.

I can’t remember anymore if my grandfather’s eyes were blue or green, but I’ll never forget the way they wrinkled at the corners when he laughed at one of his own jokes.

Or the way they sparkled with mischief when he told me tales about the magical creatures that dwelled in the forest behind his humble Irish sheep farm — shy fairies who liked to eat tea biscuits, cruel witches who liked to eat children, a moody lake spirit with a taste for expensive gifts.

As a child, I believed every fantastical word.

But when he warned me about the mute boy who also lurked in those woods, the one the priest had declared to be the spawn of Satan himself, I refused to listen.

Kellen wasn’t evil.

He was kind, and beautiful, and special, and hurting.

He was my friend.

And with every summer I spent stolen away from him in those enchanted woods, he grew to become so much more.

But when I return to Glenshire as an adult, grieving and engaged to someone else, all those legends quickly morph into nightmares.

My grandfather had been right about everything, especially the boy.

If only I had listened.

Warning: Devil of Dublin is intended for mature audiences as it contains triggering content. Please exercise caution by doing your research on the subject matter and reading reviews before you decide to pick this book up.

The Devil of Dublin has been on my TBR for a while now and I’m hoping to get around to reading it soon. As a mood reader (and someone with a few ARCs coming up), I haven’t had a chance to pick Devil of Dublin up yet.

But doesn’t it sound good? So mysterious and binge-worthy.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ve read anything by BB Easton yet. The name is familiar, as I know I have come across her work being promoted on bookstagram, and of course, her series on Netflix, but I don’t think I’ve actually read any of her books yet.

That definitely adds to the excitement as I love discovering new-to-me authors! And the best part? I have several friends who have raved about the Devil of Dublin and they highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys dark romance.

Get your copy today!
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Tell me if you’ve read this book or anything else by BB Easton in the comments below!⬇️


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