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Review: Superbia – Colette Rhodes (Shades of Sin #2)

Astrid is the kind of Hunter that all Hunters aspire to be.

Lethal. Focused. Ambidextrous.

In contrast to her disgraced sister, Astrid has done everything right. And now, she’s coming to realize that everything she’s ever known is wrong.

Soren wants to be the kind of Shade that all Shades aspire to be.

Brave. Decisive. Powerful.

But his disgraced sister is determined to ruin him, and now there’s a deadly Hunter in his realm, smelling like the most delicious thing he’d ever taste.

And the king wants them to work together.

Can they hold the enemy line with each other? Or will the thin line between love and hate be their undoing?

Superbia is the second book in the Shades of Sin series, featuring humans and their not-quite-so-human partners. For readers 18+

Author’s note: Each book is a standalone, but I recommend you read them in order of release for the best experience. Book one is Luxuria.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The sunshine/grump trope has always been my all-time fave. However, Superbia’s grump/grump trope may have just made me reconsider!

This book had all the steamy bickering and sassy quips I didn’t know I needed, and I loved every minute of Astrid and Soren’s atypical courtship.

Unlike her sister, Astrid has always tried to fit in, not make a fuss, and do the “right” thing. But right by who’s standard? Everything she’s been taught growing up in a community of Hunters is wrong.

And after discovering the lies and deception of the Council, Astrid had to make the tough choice to leave behind all she’s known and protect her sister. But in doing so, she’s entered the shadow realm and found herself the subject of many Shades’ hatred and distrust.

What I loved about Astrid was her tough-as-nails attitude even when she felt like crumbling inside. She was genuine and realistic, an absolute force of nature. There were moments where I felt like telling her “Yes, girl. Go be a bada$$.” There were also moments when I just wanted to have a good cry on her behalf.

No one else saw the changes in her except Soren. As Captain of the Guard, Soren felt it was his duty to ensure no harm comes to the King and Queen, even if it meant protecting them from the Queen’s own sister. However, Soren quickly understands there is more to his Astra than what appears and she’d never cause any harm or unhappiness to her sister.

As previously mentioned, I loved the bickering between these two characters. They’re grumpy and flirty and oh-so-right for each other! And the steam… Yes. Just yes.

I loved how this book seamlessly continues from Luxuria. The world-building continues to develop with more history of the two species revealed, and there is civil unrest on both sides (including a small faction of rebel Shades) that continues to unfold.

I also loved getting to see some of my fave side characters from Luxuria and discovering new fave side characters in this book. Apparently, there are going to be seven books in this series (one based on each of the seven deadly sins) and I’m already trying to determine who’s getting a book and which sin they’ll be covering. I suspect Damen will be up next; although, that could just be wishful thinking because I really want his book!

A big thank you to Colette Rhodes for this series. I am absolutely loving it and I cannot wait to meet her in April 2023 and pick up my signed copies of the first two books in this series!

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