Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2023

How was the start of everyone’s year?

With a new year comes new reads and new reading goals! I’ve decided to stick with my reading goal from last year: to have no reading goal target.

It worked well for me last year as I was able to focus on reading books I really enjoyed and stress less about trying to hit a target number. The only slight downside was that I was frequently reminded to set my 2022 Goodreads reading goal every time I went to log my latest read, haha!

My other 2023 reading goals are:

1) Keep reading and loving romance books
I think I can already check this one off my list😏 My love for romance novels knows no bounds, and I am overjoyed by all the amazing romance reads I come across every year.

2) Re-read more of my favourite romance novels
I am a firm believer in re-reading your fave books. I love the worlds too much and feel comfort in knowing what’s going to happen. To me, re-reading is like coming home and getting a big hug. #TeamReReader

3) Revisit authors’ backlists
It recently struck me just how many authors I absolutely love, and yet I’ve only read a small fraction of their books. Ridiculous! So this year, I’m hoping to go back and binge some of their older works from their backlist. I might not get through many in a year, but this goal is all about progress.

4) Write more reviews and fun blog posts
Last year was a rollercoaster. There were lots of busy periods, changes, and energy lulls. This year, I want to make blogging more of a priority so I can discuss romance reviews, share romance recommendations, and enjoy this online space. If there’s anything in particular you’d like a blog post about, let me know in the comments!

Now onto January’s wrap-up!

This blog post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

January Stats
Total # of books: 13
Total # of ARCs: 2
Total # of re-reads: 0
Formats: 2 physical copies, 11 ebooks
Average Month Rating: 4.03⭐

Reading List

Things You Save in a Fire – Katherine Center (3.5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Grace Under Fire – Julie Garwood (2.5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Destroy Me* – Michelle Heard (4⭐)

Anything He Requires – Michelle Fox (3⭐)

Georgie, All Along* – Kate Clayborn (5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Flawless – Elsie Silver (5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Heartless – Elsie Silver (5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Out of the Gate – Elsie Silver (4⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

Captivated – Tessa Bailey & Eve Dangerfield (4⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

A Heart So Wild – Johanna Lindsey (4⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

The Winter King – CL Wilson (5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

All Chained Up – Sophie Jordan (3.5⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

How to Lose at Love – Sara Ney (4⭐)
Amazon | The Ripped Bodice

*ARC received.


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