Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Review: How to Lose at Love – Sara Ney (Campus Legends #1)

I needed a good girl to save my bad reputation.

With too much on my plate, the very last thing on my mind was a relationship—the football draft was looming and dating got in the way. I never understood why my teammates bothered with girlfriends. None of us had the time.

When my sports agent suggested that being seen in public with a respectable girl would be good for my bad reputation, I couldn’t think of a single person to help me out. The only girls I knew weren’t wifey material, and the ones who were? Might catch feelings.

Except Ryann Winters.

Responsible. Sarcastic. Smart. Ryann was perfect but there was one clincher: she was my teammates ex-girlfriend and I had recently been paid by him to dump her.

Not the best start to a fake relationship…

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another fun read by Sara Ney. I always love her sports romances and this book is an excellent start to what is going to be a hilarious, fun, banter-filled new series. Overall, it was highly enjoyable!

Dallas is on his way to being drafted into the NFL. His agent suggests he finds himself a good, respectable girl to date to improve his reputation/image. Enter Ryann.

Ryann just got broken up with by proxy. The proxy? Dallas. More bothered by the actual method of said break-up than the break-up itself, Ryann is equally confused and intrigued by Dallas and his willingness to break up with someone for his teammate.

When Dallas suggests they fake a relationship to help his image, Ryann sees it as a challenge to teach Dallas how to treat women better — that includes not breaking up with a person on someone else’s behalf.

If you’ve read any of Ney’s previous works, you’ll know the type of over-the-top banter and fun college antics you can expect from this series. Ney has perfected writing light-hearted, easygoing reads with entertaining meet cutes and delightful character development. She’s one of my fave authors and I consider her books comfort reads. I absolutely loved meeting Dallas and Ryann in How to Lose at Love, and I’m already anticipating Dallas’ brothers’ stories. I can already tell they’re going to be good too.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance, sports romance, college-based romance, new adult romance, or romantic comedy. If this is the first book of Ney’s you read, I’d also recommend checking out her other stories!

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