Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2022

How was your reading in November? Mine definitely had a lot more three-star reads – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (despite what some people might think) as I still liked what I read. If I didn’t like it, I would have DNF’d it or given it a lower rating.

I find that I give star ratings based more on vibes/feelings than anything else, and therefore, they might not always make sense to other people. A three-star rating is still good in my books and I recently had a lovely chat with a friend about one of these books listed below that I rated three stars and how I was looking forward to continuing on with the series when I got a chance.

Now let’s see how the final month of the year goes for reading…

November Wrap-Up
Total # of books: 15
Total # of ARCs: 3
Total # of re-reads: 1
Formats: 2 physical copies, 13 ebooks
Average Month Rating: 3.53⭐

Reading List
Garnet Flats – Devney Perry (3⭐)
The Mabon Feast – CM Nascosta (3⭐)
The Den of Sin – Eva Winners (3⭐)
The Bribe – Willa Nash (4⭐)
Haunting Adeline – HD Carlton (3⭐)
The Naughty, the Nice, and the Nanny – Willa Nash (4⭐)
Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother’s Best Friend – Willa Nash (4⭐)
A Partridge and a Pregnancy – Willa Nash (3⭐)
Touch of Sin – Alexandria Goncalves (4⭐)
Lore Olympus Vol. 1 – Rachel Smythe (3⭐)
You Can Hide – Rebecca Zanetti (5⭐)
The Prince’s Pregnant Secretary – Emmy Grayson (3⭐)
The Player – Kresley Cole (5⭐)
What Happened in Vegas – Sylvia Day (3⭐)
All Revved Up – Sylvia Day (3⭐)



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