Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2022

September was a month of change for me, and as such, it also became the month of comfort reads. If you’re familiar with my monthly wrap-ups or have been following my bookstagram, you’lll know that Cate C Wells is a comfort author for me. I adore her work so, so much! Her latest, Nicky the Driver, came out at the beginning of September and I immediately binged it. Feeling lost and confused after a Nicky the Driver-induced book hangover, I decided to finally complete her backlist by reading the additional short stories/novellas that aren’t on Kindle Unlimited. (Fun fact: CCW is very generous and includes a lot of freebies, such as Twitch, when you sign up for her newsletter!). And thus, my comfort rereading spiral began!

In addition to my CCW binge, I also picked up some other great stories! Special mentions to Ruby Dixon (I’m slowly making my way through her IPB series in an effort to savour them), and new-to-me author Mila Finelli.

September Wrap-Up:
Total # of books: 17
Total # of ARCs: 1
Total # of re-reads: 8
Formats: 0 physical copies, 17 ebooks
Average Month Rating: 4.29⭐

Reading List:
Barbarian’s Heart – Ruby Dixon (4⭐)
Chosen – Jenny Evans (4⭐)
Nicky the Driver – Cate C Wells (5⭐)
Mafia Mistress – Mila Finelli (4⭐)
Mafia Darling – Mila Finelli (4⭐)
Twitch – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Roosevelt – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Dizzy – Cate C Wells (5⭐)
Run Posy Run – Cate C Wells (5⭐)
Charge – Cate C Wells (5⭐)
Nickel’s Story – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Scrap – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Plum – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Wall – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Forty – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Heavy – Cate C Wells (5⭐)
The Dead Romantics – Ashley Poston (4⭐)

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