Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2022

Well, I think I can officially rename June 2022 as ‘Cate C Wells month’. Five of my thirteen reads for the month were from Wells as I binged her backlist and I loved every minute of it. She’s definitely become a favourite author of mine and one that I’ll be wanting to auto-buy future releases. I think I only have two or three of her novellas left to read but as they’re not available in Kindle Unlimited, I’m taking my time getting around to them. Aside from Cate C Wells, I was able to enjoy several other books from both new-to-me and already beloved authors. Overall, a good reading month.

June Wrap-Up:
Total # of books: 13
Total # of ARCs: 1
Total # of re-reads: 0
Formats: 2 physical copies, 11 ebooks
Average Month Rating: 3.88⭐

Reading List:
Scrap – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Sweet Berries – CM Nascosta (4⭐)
Wall – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Plum – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Forty – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Heavy – Cate C Wells (4⭐)
Making the Cut – Anne Malcom (2.5⭐)
A Vow of Lust and Fury – LP Lovell (4⭐)
A Vow of Love and Vengeance – LP Lovell (4⭐)
My Killer Vacation – Tessa Bailey (4⭐)
The Half-Orc’s Maiden Bride – Ruby Dixon (4⭐)
Something Wilder – Christina Lauren (4⭐)
Bright Like Wildfire – Juliette Cross (4⭐)

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