Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2021

A bit late putting this wrap-up together but better late than never. For October, my reading mood was definitely for more contemporary romances. However, the spooky season carried over into November so expect lots of sci-fi romance in the next wrap-up.

As a mood reader, my reading habits can be very fickle and change based on seasons, holidays, work schedules, other life events, and just general brain focus capacity. As the year gets closer to an end and life/work gets busier, my reading habits are going to get a little more sporadic and I look forward to getting back into a routine – and some new reading goals – in the new year! I’ll also try to get back into a more regular posting schedule.

Are you a mood reader or TBR planner?
Does your reading change based on the seasons or something else?

Now for October’s wrap-up…

October Wrap-Up:
Total # of books: 9
Total # of ARCs: 4
Total # of re-reads: 0
Formats: 1 physical copies, 8 ebooks

Reading List:
Knot My Type – Evie Mitchell (5⭐)
Walking in a Witchy Wonderland – Juliette Cross (4⭐)
Canary – Tijan (4⭐)
Wolf Gone Wild – Juliette Cross (5⭐)
To Touch You – Bella J (3⭐)
The Stopover – TL Swan (4⭐)
It Happened One Summer – Tessa Bailey (4⭐)
There Are No Saints – Sophie Lark (4⭐)
The Love Hypothesis – Ali Hazelwood (5⭐)


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