Contemporary Romance

ARC Review: Kingdom Fall – A Zavarelli (Underworld Kings)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


I was a nanny in need of a job.
He was darkness personified.

I had little to call my own.
He was filthy rich, powerful, and dangerous.

The assignment was simple, and my goal was too.
Take care of his son. Keep my head down.
When he least expects it, destroy him.

It should have been easy.

I thought it would be until I looked into his stark blue eyes.
Kissing the enemy is a bad idea, but so is falling in love with him.
He doesn’t know my crumbling foundation is built on lies.
When he discovers the truth, I’ll find out if he’s as brutal as I believe.

I came here to steal his life.
I didn’t count on him stealing my heart.


I’m struggling to put my love for this story into words – and I feel like this is a common occurrence for stories by Zavarelli. She is a phenomenal author and crafts these well-written, complex, dark romances full of heart and redemption.

The heroine, Natalia, is a strong character (and she certainly needs to be after everything she endured). She’s motivated and has a plan that nothing could get in the way of… until Alessio. The hero, Alessio, is a fantastic antihero. He’s fought his own battles in life and his ‘darkness’ has been forged by his circumstances, and when he hires Natalia as a nanny to his son – my, oh, my, get ready for longing looks and sparks to fly.

What I really loved about this book was the pacing and how easily the story flowed from Natalia and Alessio’s relationship to Natalia’s nannying duties and the other darker back story coming to light. There was never a moment that I thought ‘wait, who did what now?’ or ‘can I skip this part and go back to XYZ storyline?’ It was all necessary and made the story unfold seamlessly.

I’m so glad Zavarelli brought us back into the world of IVI with Kingdom Fall. I absolutely adored the IVI world in the Society Trilogy (co-written with Natasha Knight) and can’t wait for more from this world – especially Angelo and Abella’s story! Zavarelli is an amazing author and Kingdom Fall just proves that once again.

Disclaimer: Thank you to the author and Candi Kane PR for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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