Contemporary Romance

Review: Eyes On – Esme Brett

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Ever pretended to be a stripper to save someone from an awkward situation? Taylor Francis hadn’t. Until he had.

Francis runs a successful event company and lounge bar. Greta Winters is an old-money socialite. Their paths would never usually cross: Francis avoids women in Greta’s tax bracket like a New Yorker avoids Times Square. But in the face of unexpected public embarrassment, he won’t leave her to the wolves.

The impulse rescue sparks an attraction Francis can’t get out of his head. But Greta is wary of being charmed by this too slick, too smooth, too gorgeous lothario. Which would be much easier if his voice didn’t make her think of sweaty limbs and twisted sheets. Mostly his limbs. And her sheets. And his –

Damn. She’s in trouble.

Mini Review:

Eyes On is an incredibly steamy novella and the perfect little pick-me-up to be equally devoured and savoured between other reads. It’s witty, well-paced, and hilarious! I was also pleasantly surprised at how developed the leading characters and overall storyline was given the book is only 16,000 words.

And the chemistry? Hot. Hot. Hot. The cufflink scene in particular is *chef’s kiss*.

I also really loved how Esme was able to craft an erotic romance that touched subtly and beautifully on topics like body positivity, consent, and sexual health awareness. All topics that the world needs more of.

While Eyes On may be a novella, Esme doesn’t skimp on the details and readers also get a nice little epilogue at the end which made me laugh and beg for more. Such a great read and I cannot wait to see what Esme releases in the future.

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