Contemporary Romance

ARC Review: Willow – Grace Parks (The Pepper Lane Club #1)

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Willow Lawson is a fun loving social media expert, who helps companies stand out from their competitors. Yet, despite her bubbly personality, her social life is mostly work-related, and her love life is non-existent. That’s when she starts The Pepper Lane Club, a chance to get away once a month from her maddening life and reconnect with her friends. It’s at this very first meeting that she meets Thomas Greer, who owns the café. He’s everything she’s not. He’s serious, unsociable, unfashionable, and dead set against social media. She decides to take him on as a client despite his refusals. She wants the challenge, and she wants to prove to him that he needs her help. He frustrates her, but there’s something about his old fashioned ways that also intrigues her.

Six women. Six stories. Six chances of love. One café.

The Pepper Lane series tells the stories of six women, who agree to meet once a month at their local café. They promise to meet no matter what life throws their way, and, as we soon find out, life throws a lot more than any of them expected. Friendships are forged, and deepened, as the women get to know each other. It’s only once a month, but they soon realize how important this little club has become to each of them. They might be an unlikely group of friends, but it takes all types to form a tribe.


This will probably be a bit of a shorter review as I didn’t really have any strong feelings about this book, instead it was simply nice. This is the first book by Grace Parks I’ve read and the writing style was very easy to read and follow along with. The premise was intriguing and I was very interested to see how things would play out between a “tech-focused” heroine and “technophobe” hero.

The actual story, however, was decent. I liked it enough to want to know how things would end but I wasn’t so invested that I was eager to get back to the characters. This was a sweet, slow burn romance but also often didn’t really feel like a romance – more like a general fiction with some romantic elements – so maybe that’s why I wasn’t entirely hooked in. Either way, it was still enjoyable.

Disclaimer: I received an arc on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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