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ARC Review: The Next Mrs Russo – Jana Aston

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I was not looking for a date.
Another questionable relationship was the last thing I needed.
Because trust me, they were all questionable.

But through a series of unfortunate events involving my cat and
his poor decision-making skills, I agreed to a set-up.

Except… the set-up is with the governor.

I am not political girlfriend material.
For one, I’m a little bit crazy.
For two, I have secrets.

But I also have a big crush on the governor.
One little date can’t hurt, right?
Spoiler: it can.

My big crush is going to end in big trouble.


The Next Mrs Russo was such a delightful, fun read that I just did not want to put down. As a fan of Aston’s other books (especially the Wrong series), I had high hopes for this book and it meant every single expectation and then some. This was exactly the quirky type of rom-com I wanted and politico-romance I didn’t know I needed. Truly amazing!

This book is about a down-on-her-luck-but-remaining-optimistic heroine who’s recently opened her own vintage revamp clothing store in the dilapidated townhouse she recently inherited. Unbeknownst to her, her blind date is local heart-throb and politician, Governor Russo. Wild shenanigans and hilariously awkward flirting ensue.

I absolutely adored the MCs in this story. The heroine was quirky and filter-less (without being annoying) and I found myself rooting for her the entire time and hoping everything would work out. She has a hilarious cat that often reminded me of my own and I enjoyed their to-and-fro throughout.

This story felt almost sunshine/grump-ish except the hero was less grumpy and simply more stern, as expected from someone in politics. I enjoyed that Aston included many of the political events and policies you’d expect from a real politician; it made it feel more realistic and complete as a story. Russo’s public persona meant he also had one heck of a poker face and I often found myself wondering what he was thinking with each awkward flirtation.

As usual with Aston’s writing, it was easy to lose myself into and I found myself staying up way too late to finish this book. It was fun and entertaining, kept my attention constantly and is a book I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys quirky characters, romantic comedies or fans of authors like Sara Ney.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Candi Kane PR and Jana Aston for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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