Contemporary Romance

ARC Review: Orbiting Mars – KL Savage (Ruthless Kings MC Las Vegas #12)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


I’m a car accident waiting to happen and it’s only a matter of time before I crash.
Every day that passes, every second I blink, the need to drink grows.
Meetings aren’t enough.
My will power isn’t enough.


The second I see her, I want to crash into her instead
But she may not be enough to kill the need
I’m trying…but I can’t try anymore.

And when Sunnie tells me something that I can’t handle?

I break.
I run away.
I sprint to the nearest watering hole.

Away from life, from responsibilities, from fear…

I’ve never been good with change. Everything is safe right now.
I’m in a bubble and I’ve kept Sunnie there too.
She wants more than that kind of life.
I don’t know how to give it to her.

Her words play on repeat in my head.
“Maybe isn’t fair for us to sacrifice the things we want if it means being together?”
If I don’t have her, I have nothing.

But you know what I do have? Addiction.
And I’m staring at the bottle.
She’s beautiful.
Just. One. Taste.
And everything will be okay.


Orbiting Mars is the first book by KL Savage I’ve read and while enjoyable, I did find it a little difficult to review. This was simply because it is the twelfth book in the series and I definitely feel it’s a series that should be read in order. Orbiting Mars centers around Patrick and Sunnie but contains a lot of secondary storylines from the various side characters and begins with Patrick and Sunnie already firmly established in their relationship. For this reason, it took me a little longer to catch up with everything that was happening.

That all being said, however, I did enjoy many parts of this book and found it to be a very interesting read. As the series title suggests, its based on the Ruthless Kings MC and I am always on the hunt for a good, gritty MC series. So when I stumbled across this book’s release, I knew I had to request a copy.

One of the really interesting aspects of this book (and something I don’t read nearly enough) is the focus on addiction and the mental health impacts surrounding this illness. The authors really brought to life their view of addiction in these various characters and it was equally heartbreaking but also left the reader with hope for the characters’ futures.

Overall, I found this to be an interesting read and I enjoyed the grit KL Savage brought to the story. In the future, I would be interested in picking up the first book in the series to see how things would progress chronologically with each of the characters.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an arc in exchange for an honest review.

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