Teaser: Orbiting Mars – KL Savage


ORBITING MARS by KL Savage is coming June 15!

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I’m a car accident waiting to happen and it’s only a matter of time before I crash.
Every day that passes, every second I blink, the need to drink grows.
Meetings aren’t enough.
My will power isn’t enough.


The second I see her, I want to crash into her instead
But she may not be enough to kill the need
I’m trying…but I can’t try anymore.

And when Sunnie tells me something that I can’t handle?

I break.
I run away.
I sprint to the nearest watering hole.

Away from life, from responsibilities, from fear…

I’ve never been good with change. Everything is safe right now.
I’m in a bubble and I’ve kept Sunnie there too.
She wants more than that kind of life.
I don’t know how to give it to her.

Her words play on repeat in my head.
“Maybe isn’t fair for us to sacrifice the things we want if it means being together?”
If I don’t have her, I have nothing.

But you know what I do have? Addiction.
And I’m staring at the bottle.
She’s beautiful.
Just. One. Taste.
And everything will be okay.

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Pic via Wildfire Marketing Solutions

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