Contemporary Romance

Review: The Dancer – Vivian Wood (Broken Slipper #2)

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Ballet takes everything from you.

All your sweat, all your tears, all your dedication, all your time.
There are no drunken nights, no drugs, no boyfriends, no distractions whatsoever.
But everyone has a dirty little secret…

Working as a stripper at Club Ecstasy at night is Kaia’s dark indiscretion.
Sexy, mysterious billionaire Calum shows up as a patron at the club. He’s drawn to her provocative innocence, not realizing that she is also a ballerina in his dance company. When she dances for him, he feels something stir in his cold, dead heart.

After Calum finds out her little deception, he should turn her in. After all, ballet requires sacrifice.

But to her surprise, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.
And now she’s staring into his dark blue eyes as she dances for him privately. Trying desperately to remember rule number one of being an exotic dancer.

Don’t fall for your customers.


The Dancer picks up where The Patron left things and I’m so glad I was able to read both back to back. The Patron’s cliffhanger had me itching for the next installment and this book did not disappoint. Immediately, I was thrown back into the craziness that is Kaia and Calum’s world. There is deception and blackmail, as well as intrigue and loose ends that left me wanting more.

This series has given me curveball after curveball, and I am hooked. Do I know how things will end with Honor? No. Do I know how things will play out with Kaia’s family? Nope. Or what will happen with the recently introduce mafia? Negative. But will I eagerly be awaiting the final installment in the series? Absolutely!

There isn’t too much to add about the main characters in this book as you’ll need to pick up The Patron (book one) to get a sense of who they are and how they’ve grown so far (with more to come in book 3, hopefully!). But I will point out that Wood’s writing is just as engaging and addictive as before and she has woven a wonderful, drama-filled story that I’ve enjoyed immensely so far and look forward to the finale.

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