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Excerpt Reveal: Hidden Beauty – Amelia Wilde

Pic via Candi Kane PR

Release Date: May 11th
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Leo holds me in place, close enough to kiss me again, while he explores under the gown for confirmation. The gold in his eyes flares bright when his fingertips meet the soft wetness he’s been searching for. “And you call me the filthy one.” He clicks his tongue. “The panties I sent weren’t good enough for you?”

He pushes my thighs farther apart, pushes his fingers inside me, in the space it takes for me to catch my breath. “I thought you would like it better this way.”

“I do.” Leo’s expression is playfully solemn, but what takes my breath away isn’t the pad of his thumb against my clit. It’s the raw emotion in his eyes. It’s habit for him to keep his walls up, to keep himself locked behind his anger and his power, but he’s consciously keeping them down. For me. “But you know what this means, don’t you, darling.”

“That you’re going to fuck me?”

“That there’s a price to be paid for coming to dinner missing articles of clothing.”

I can’t catch my breath, not with him slowly finger-fucking me under the dress, not with his thumb winding me up. “Tell me what it is. I’ll pay it.”

“You’ll work this sweet, wet pussy down over my cock. And you won’t make me wait.”

The air around us bursts into hot flame, or maybe it’s just my skin. I scramble up off his lap and he puts both hands on the arms of his chair. He could be a prince, a king, but he lets me see the bare need in his face. He doesn’t bother to put on his mask of anger and indifference as I work at his belt and make frantic pulls at his pants until his cock springs out, thick and hard.

I bundle my gown into my fists and am about to climb on top of him when Leo stops me with a hand between my legs. He slicks his touch through my folds, his eyes on where fingers meet flesh, then flicks his gaze back to mine. That’s how he makes me straddle him—his hand on that hot place the entire time. I fit my knees beside his strong thighs in the chair and angle myself over him. Leo uses two fingers to spread me open. I can’t get enough air, and I’ve simultaneously never taken a breath so deep in all my life as when he puts a hand on my hip and guides me down to meet him.

Sinking down onto his length inch by inch feels as new as the first time. The stretch is just as intense as it was in the library, but there’s no pain, only a slow unraveling of the terrified knot that formed around my heart the day he was shot. It wound tighter and tighter after we came home.

All that fear, all that hope, and he was the solution all the time.

“Fuck, darling. Keep holding your dress up so I can see.” My hand trembles around the fabric. Both hands on my hips, Leo watches as I take the rest of him and seat myself fully against his hips. He shudders, pleasure rich and dark in his eyes. “Good girl. Now drop it. I want your hands on me.”

I reach for his shoulders and find myself unable to stop. I want skin, I want pulse. I stroke the sides of his neck and run my fingertips under the neck of his shirt. I skim the pads of my thumbs over his cheekbones. His lips. His jaw. He must feel how much I need this, because he helps me, taking the uncoordinated rhythm of my hips and making it steady under his palms.

Touching him with my hands isn’t enough. I need him to know, need to tell him how I feel. I chase my touches with kisses. Please stay with me, I beg the curve at the side of his jaw with a brushed kiss. Please don’t ever leave, I plead to his bottom lip. Please, I pray to his tongue, kissing him as hard as he kisses me. Be mine.

Leo wraps a hand around the back of my neck and traps me in place so he can kiss me back. It’s a claiming, his kiss, but he’s not done when he pulls back. No. He’s not done. He peels down the neckline of my gown, peels down the bra underneath, and toys with my nipple until it rises against the cooler air of the dining room.

Then he leans forward and bites.

He’s left other marks with his teeth.

These are different.

Leo makes it hurt, makes it sting, and I grind down on his cock in a wild attempt to escape the pain. Or to increase it. I can’t stop pulsing around him, can’t, can’t, can’t, and he makes a noise against my skin that’s a brutal prayer. It answers mine. I’m not leaving, that sound says, because I will never leave what belongs to me, and you are mine.

Pic via Candi Kane PR


Is Leo Morelli a beast or a prince? He locks Haley in his castle for her own safety. She sees only the best in him, but the worst is yet to come.

HIDDEN BEAUTY is the second book in the Beauty and the Beast trilogy from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde.

About the Author

Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of steamy contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.

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