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ARC Review: Requiem of the Soul – Natasha Knight and A Zavarelli

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I was born with noble blood in my veins. Heir to a powerful dynasty.
Wealth. Power. Aristocracy.
Temptations too dangerous to resist.

Until someone tried to steal it all.

Scarred and broken, I emerged from the flames. Now I’ve returned to take what’s mine.


The first item on my agenda?
Make Ivy Moreno my wife.

Bend her until she breaks.


Dynamic writing duo Natasha Knight and A Zavarelli have done it again! Both of these writers are absolutely brilliant in their own right but together they make magic and I cannot wait to see how the rest of this series continues.

Requiem of the Soul toes the line in dark, mafia romance. It’s main premise is about a secret society of wealthy, dark, influential families. Within the society, there are also levels and depending which level each family is on relates to how deep into the society they are and what they’re able to get away with. In this regard, and the gender-based rules within the society (i.e. men in charge, women to be sexually limited and treated as property to be married off, etc), it is along the same lines as your usual mafia romances.

This story is beautifully written with a dangerous plot full of mysterious and intrigue, and complex characters that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. Being the first book in a trilogy, there is obviously still so much more to discover; and honestly, my head is already in a spin with all the devious and highly suspicious people that could be behind half the stuff going on!

So far, I think the only two people I know that I like are the hero and heroine, and mainly because I like how their differences balance one another and I know they’ll get their happily ever after in the end. The rest of the characters have me second guessing my feelings towards them because their actions really could have them going either way: friend or foe? And, that concept is incredibly refreshing from what I’ve been reading lately. I have my hopes for a few of the side characters to have their own spin-off series; but again, those hopes could totally change depending on books 2 and 3 in this series!

I won’t go into too much information regarding the storyline because its definitely one you’ll want to experience for yourself. But if you enjoy mafia romances and/or dark romances with the enemies to lovers/opposites attract trope, you’ll love this one! Knight and Zavarelli are incredible writers and have created a really well-executed and detailed storyline about a secret society and the lengths people within the families will go to for their own means. Requiem of the Soul beautifully balances action, suspense, revenge-plotting, romance, and devious characters in a storyline that will hook you in from the first page. But be warned, it’s the first book in a trilogy and does end on a huge cliffhanger so prepare yourself for anxiously (and impatiently) awaiting the next book!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Candi Kane PR and the authors for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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