Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2021

Oh, February – what a month! I’m hoping everyone else had a good month full of great times with loved ones and fantastic reads. My own can be summed up in one word: stressed. But now it’s March and things will hopefully settle into place.

February Wrap-Up:
Total # of books: 12
Total # of ARCs: 7
Total # of re-reads: 0
Formats: 0 physical copies, 12 ebooks

Reading List:
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Amelia Wilde
4 Stars
Before I Saw You – Emily Houghton
3 Stars
Between the Lines – T Gephart
4 Stars
Tales of Darkness and Sin – Natasha Knight et al.
4 Stars
Once Upon a Dream – Sierra Simone
2 Stars
Fight Me, Daddy – Zoe Blake
2 Stars
Captive Vow – Alta Hensley
3 Stars
Doom – Regine Abel
3 Stars
Planet X – Evangeline Anderson
4 Stars
Second First Impressions – Sally Thorne
5 Stars!
Secret Beast – Amelia Wilde
4 Stars
Private Property – Skye Warren
4 Stars

What books will you be starting the month with?
For March, I’ll be starting with:
Lies – Kylie Scott
And continuing my read of:
A Trial of Sorcerers – Elise Kova


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