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ARC Review: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Amelia Wilde (Devil Trilogy #1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde is a dangerously sexy contemporary romance that will blow you out of the water


A modern-day pirate.
An heiress lost at sea.
And the treasure of a lifetime.

He’s beautiful. Calculating. Cruel. And he’s taken me hostage.

When pirates board my boyfriend’s yacht, I jump overboard to save myself. Drifting out to sea. Until one man rescues me from the endless ocean.

Except he has plans of his own. I’m worth too much money for ransom. He’ll keep me on his ship and in his bed. The real danger lies in his dark-depth eyes. He wants more from me than money. Than passion. He wants everything.

He rescued me, but I’m far from safe.

There’s an entire sea of danger threatening to drag me under.


I was really eager to read The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea after one of my closest friends recommended and promoted it. I was intrigued by the idea of a modern day pirate, dark romance. I’ve always enjoyed pirate romances but they’ve only ever really been historical romances, not contemporary – so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how different they would be.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea begins straight into the action! The heroine, Ashley, watches her boyfriend get murdered by drug dealers aboard their yacht and decides to jump overboard to escape them. Drifting for an undetermined number of days, the hero, Poseidon, stumbles upon her in the ocean and decides to rescue her. Why? From the goodness of his heart? Ha.

Poseidon is introduced as a tough, no-cares-given, alpha male. He does what he wants, and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks. So rescuing a damsel in distress drifting in the ocean is merely another opportunity for him to discover what he can get out of it: money, sex, power, favours…

Ashley for her part is rather a naive character. She’s sweet with a sad backstory, and thinks she’s mature enough to live her own life; but she doesn’t truly understand the dangers of the world even when they’re staring her in the face. That being said, after the events in this story, I feel like she’s going to have a lot of personal growth heading her way over the next two books in the trilogy and I’m eager to see how that goes.

Amelia Wilde is a new-to-me author – although I have seen her name around the romance community – and has a way of really drawing you into the story and wanting to find out what happens next. Wilde’s writing style is quite different from what I usually read that I’m still getting used to it. By that, I mean that there were lots of shorter, sharp sentences and abrupt changes in Ashley’s perspective; but, I don’t think the change of pace took anything away from my enjoyment of the story. If anything, I think the writing style only added to Ashley’s appearance of being young and naive.

Overall, I would probably rate this 3.75 (rounding up to 4 stars). It was different and entertaining, nothing like the pirate stories I’ve read in the past, and kept me on my toes. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the story continues in the second book after this one ends on a big cliffhanger – be prepared for that! I would definitely recommend this story to another who enjoys darker romances.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Candi Kane PR for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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