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Review: The Darkest Temptation – Danielle Lori (Made #3)

Rating: 5 out of 5.


A fortune teller once told Mila she’d find a man who would take her breath away. She refrained from telling her it would be literally while Mila ran for her life.

Having always done what is expected of her, Mila dresses the part, only dates college boys with exemplary backgrounds, and doesn’t ask questions. Not about her papa’s absences or his refusal to let her set foot in her birthplace—Russia.

Suffocated by the rules and unanswered questions, Mila does what she’s always wanted to. She boards a plane to Moscow.

She never expected to fall for a man on the way. One with unexplained wealth, tattoos on his hands, and secrets in his eyes. But it doesn’t take long for his caress to become a rough grasp muffling her screams.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Unfortunately, a Russian winter is the coldest of them all, and Mila soon learns the only way to escape intact is to do the impossible and thaw her captor’s heart.


I am OBSESSED with this series! Danielle Lori has written another masterpiece with The Darkest Temptation and I am. here. for. it.

I recently devoured the first book in the Made series, The Sweetest Oblivion, and loved it. Following on from that I went to pick up book two but decided to temporarily skip it (don’t worry, I’ll be going back to read it very shortly!) because I found out this book is based on the Bratva.

I adore anything relating to the mafia romance genre but I have a special fondness for Russian based ones because I know they’re going to have that extra hit of darkness to them. Every Russian Bratva book I’ve ever read has had a very different dark romance quality compared to Italian and Irish mafia, and they’re perfect for anyone who loves that dangerous, dark intrigue to their romances. This book gives all of that and more!

The Darkest Temptation focuses on Mila, a sheltered young woman trying to find her absent father, and Ronan, the biggest and scariest Russian mobster in Moscow! From start to finish, I was basically a giant heart eyed emoji. Their dynamic was INTENSE!

Mila is starstruck when she first arrives to Moscow and stumbles across Ronan, quickly developing a crush on him. Ronan, however, is hiding secrets about who he is, what he does and what he wants. And what he wants is Mila – but not in the way Mila (or even Ronan, himself) expects.

Their relationship has many highs and lows, and ‘will they or won’t they’ to keep the tension and suspense going. While the romance is the biggest plotline, there is so much going on in the Bratva with different side characters and storylines. Black and white? I think not! This is all the shades of grey and each of my initial thoughts gets turned on their head.

I don’t think there are words for how amazing I think this story is and I’m so ridiculously glad I stumbled across this series. Now, I need to go back and read book two which focuses on Ronan’s brother Christian. Again, major heart eyes. Lori is a fantastic and compelling author, and I look forward to picking up all of her future stories. Highly recommend!

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Darkest Temptation – Danielle Lori (Made #3)”

  1. I loved the first two books of this series but the third book was a full blown catastrophe first she almost gets raped on the street and when she gets captured he sends her dad a non consented tape of them, he sexually assaults her what y’all seem to ignore he uses violence against her which goes against everything nic and Kris stood for (they were violent to everyone else except the heroine) I understand that the author wanted to make it dark but there are other ways of doing so also there are no TW whatsoever and Mila is the most naive and falls for freaking Stockholm syndrome Ronan is disgusting.


    1. Thanks for the comment, Mariam! I definitely agree that TWs should be included. It’s something that I’m seeing more and more in recently published books and that I appreciate (I’m still learning when it comes to adding them to my more recent reviews). When it comes to the darker elements within the book though, I think a lot of that ‘crossing the line’ has become the norm in dark romance. I can’t speak for everyone who enjoys dark romance but I personally think it’s not so much as ignoring it as it is understanding the difference between fiction and reality and knowing that the book is a romance meaning there will be a HEA at the end.


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