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ARC Review: Mine to Keep – Rhenna Morgan (NOLA Knights #3)

Rating: 4 out of 5.


She’s in way over her head.

Bonnie Drummond is from the wrong side of the tracks, raised in a family of liars and criminals. No matter how hard she tries to stay on the straight and narrow, she always finds herself sucked back into the family drama, forced to sacrifice everything she’s earned to protect her family.

But this time they’ve gone too far—crossed the wrong people—and to save them she’ll have to put her life on the line.

Roman Kozlov, enforcer for a New Orleans mafiya family, is the poster child for the life Bonnie is struggling to escape. But he’s also as alluring as he is dangerous, and it doesn’t take long for their lives to begin to mesh.

With Roman, Bonnie finds the family she never had.

As their race for answers heats up, so too does the budding romance between them. And with danger nipping at her heels and love threatening her heart, Bonnie must come face-to-face with her past if she wants to have a future.


Mafia romance is one of my absolute favourite subgenres within the romance category. It may seem like it has a very standard ‘this is how it goes’ format but there is so much that can be added and twisted and made into a creative, original masterpiece within the subgenre – and Rhenna Morgan is a master at turning what can often be a very dark subgenre into something light and easy to read, enjoyable for mafia romance lovers and newbies to the genre alike!

Mine to Keep is the third book in the NOLA Knights series and features one of my favourite heroes, Roman Kozlov, also known as the poster child for being the ‘strong, silent type’! Seriously, from the moment that man is introduced, I knew it was going to take a special kind of woman to get that man out of his shell. Roman is a tall, dark and dangerous delight to read about, and he meets his match in Bonnie Drummond.

What can I say about Bonnie, except that she is a strong, independent bada** and has learnt to hold her own. Given her family life and the constant pressure and responsibilities thrown her way, it’s understandable that she struggles to trust people. But when things with her family go south, she’s going to have to open up to someone. And that someone comes with other someones – one of whom happens to be: the hero!

The storyline of Mine to Keep was primarily focused on the development of Roman and Bonnie’s relationship. It was really great to delve into and expand on their journey together; however, there is also the additional drama of what brought the two characters together. Slowly but surely the pieces come together as they discover what happened to Bonnie’s father and brother, and figure out a plan to save the day.

One of my favourite things about Rhenna Morgan’s style, and I mentioned this briefly above, is how she is able to create lighthearted reads for anyone even remotely interested in the subgenre. There isn’t an overabundance of violence and nefarious plots, but enough mafia elements to keep 1) new readers to the genre intrigued by these protective, alpha heroes, and 2) familiar readers to the genre intrigued by the lesser explored responsibilities of mafia men that wouldn’t typically be mentioned in the darker romances. Basically, this is one series you won’t want to miss!

Now I’m eagerly awaiting for Morgan’s next release but in the meantime, I have a number of her backlist titles calling out to me!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Harlequin – Carina Press and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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