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ARC Review: A Very Highland Holiday Anthology

Rating: 3 out of 5.


It’s an enchanting Christmas in the Highlands with some of your favorite Historical Romance authors!

It’s Christmas Eve 1747, and the Highlands are snowy. In the village of Calvine, north of Tay Forest, along a road that leads straight into Inverness, the only tavern in town is packed to the rafters with travelers.

Eight months after the disastrous defeat at Culloden, the people haven’t recovered, nor has the land, and it’s a bad winter. But inside the tavern known as Balthazar’s Inn, the magic that is Christmas is about to happen.

A blustery innkeeper, his sensitive daughter, and a cast of unique characters passing through the careworn tavern will bring you six captivating stories of reflection, joy, and enthrallment that is the very spirit of the holiday season.

Welcome to an enchanting limited-edition collection you won’t soon forget!

The Earl in Winter by Kathryn Le Veque – When James de Lohr heads into the wilds of Scotland to discover what happened to his brother at the Battle of Culloden, his stay at Balthazar’s Tavern has an unexpected twist. On a night when angels walk the earth, James comes face to face with his very own guardian angel.

Fiona and the Three Wise Highlanders by Jennifer Ashley – Fiona McDonald is overjoyed to see Stuart Cameron alive and well after his imprisonment by the English, but her worries are not over. Stuart Cameron owes his safety to a pair of smugglers who have come to collect on their debt, and Stuart will need her help to win himself free.

One Knight’s Stand by Tanya Anne Crosby – Lady Elizabeth Easton finds herself suffering a terrible case of wedding nerves. She feigns illness, stopping to recover at a highland inn where she signs in as the “MacKinnon’s bride.” Presumed dead at Culloden, Callum MacKinnon stops at the inn, intending to clean up before his return as the prodigal son. Imagine his surprise to find his “bride to be” has already procured them a room.

The Earl of Christmas Past by Kerrigan Byrne – A solstice blizzard drives Victorian photographer Vanessa Latimer to a crowded Highland Inn where the only available room is haunted by the ghost of a fallen warrior unwilling to give up his side of the bed.

Highland Hearts by Darcy Burke – When Tavish Crawford learns treasure hunter Elspeth Marshall is on the trail of his family’s missing legacy, he swears to prevent her at any cost. As nefarious forces threaten them both, he realizes he must not only protect the mystical sword, but the woman who has stolen his heart.

The Highlander Who Nearly Stole Christmas by Eliza Knight – For eight months, Thane Menzies has patiently waited to enact his revenge against the Campbells, and finally, he can’t resist the opportunity that’s presented itself: stealing their most precious treasure for his own—Lady Sarah.

From our families to yours, we wish you the very best of the holiday season!


A Very Highland Holiday is a delightful anthology of historical romance novellas set after the Battle of Culloden. Each of the heroes and heroines within the short stories find love during the holiday season within the same inn but each couple has very unique journeys to find love.

I’ve read a couple of the authors listed previously but several of the authors were new-to-me so it was a really great opportunity to get a sample of their writing style. I found myself a little confused by some of the central characters between the stories but the general tone of each author was fairly consistent and made diving into each new novella very enjoyable.

The Earl in Winter by Katherine Le Veque – 2 stars
The Earl of Christmas Past by Kerrigan Byrne – 3.5 stars
Fiona and the Three Wise Highlanders – Jennifer Ashley – 4 stars
One Knight’s Stand by Tanya Anne Crosby – 3 stars
The Legend of a Rogue by Darcy Burke – 3 stars
The Highlander Who Stole Christmas by Eliza Knight – 3 stars

Overall this was a really pleasant collection of historical romance short stories and would recommend it to anyone who’s familiar with the above authors or simply loves historical romance novellas or sweet Christmas stories!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Dragonblade Publishing and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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