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ARC Review: Guardian’s Grace – Rebecca Zanetti (Dark Protectors #12)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Available 13 October 2020!


Duty—or desire?

Vampire soldier Adare O’Cearbhaill’s default setting is cranky. Or irritated. Or down-right hostile. Still, as a Highlander of honor and duty he stepped up to save an enhanced and special human female by mating her—with merely a bite and a brand. The last person he wants in his life is a fragile human, yet he can’t get her out of his mind as she regains her strength before taking off for parts unknown. And when he discovers she is in danger, nothing can stop him from hunting her down—whether she likes it or not.

There’s only one way to find out

Photographer Grace Cooper has had it with vampires, demons, and the rest of an immortal world she was happier not knowing about. She also doesn’t believe she’s destined for some great battle because of an old birthmark. Forget the fact that her mate is the sexiest thing on two stubborn feet, or that her brand is fading along with her health. She’ll handle things on her own—until an old enemy reappears and she learns the only way to stay alive is to actually mate, wild sex and all, with that ripped and dangerous Adare—a powerful, captivating Highlander who demands nothing less than everything…


Although I haven’t read this series before, I’m a big fan of Rebecca Zanetti’s other work so I definitely had high expectations going into Guardian’s Grace. Zanetti met every single one of these expectations and delivered a wonderful and thrilling paranormal romance that left me wanting more. Seriously, I need to go back and read this series from the beginning!

The romance between Adare and Grace was totally unexpected for me as a new reader to the series. It was interesting to see how a pair mated (but didn’t mate…) five years prior and then circled around each other citing excuses such as duties, emotions and morals. Neither truly believed the other wanted into the relationship but after being thrown together and having to actually face their situation… look out for the fireworks!

As for the storyline, I think reading Guardian’s Grace being read as a standalone or series could go either way. Despite being book 12 in the series, I personally found it pretty easy to follow along with who each of the main and side characters were, and what the deal was with the baddies. That being said, I definitely think it would have also been a lot easier if I were familiar with the series prior but in no way did I feel my lack of series knowledge hinder my enjoyment!

As previously mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Zanetti and her storytelling abilities. She weaves engaging stories full of drama, action and romance that always leave me ready to find out what happens next. Guardian’s Grace is written in the same manner and despite being jam-packed with action and plot, it’s a very easy read. Overall I truly loved this one and can’t wait to read more of Zanetti’s work in the future.

Available 13 October 2020!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kensington Books for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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