ARC Review: Tamed – Alison Aimes (The Condemned #4)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

TW: Contains flashbacks of physical/sexual assault and incest.

The Blurb
“Talk or suffer the consequences.”

Ruthless warrior Grif McIntyre is known for his brutal interrogation techniques, a skill he learned much too young from a monster even more savage than him. Still, Grif’s skills with ropes, restraints, and unbearable pleasure are unrivaled. His methods merciless, but effective. Tasked with capturing and breaking a critical target in order to rescue a handful of missing females, he assumes the mission will be no different from the others that have come before.

But the female he captures is not what he expects.

Captured and chained by a beast more terrifying than any she has seen before, Nayla is certain her already difficult life has just gotten worse. The brute’s mannerisms and grunts are strange, his demands terrifying and against the traditions of her pack. Even worse is the way he handles her. As if he has the right. As if she is not tainted and unworthy. As if he believes what he is doing is punishment. In truth, the searing heat he brings to life with his rough touches, and the growing lust in his gaze, is all she has ever craved.

She would be content to suffer his torment forever, but he wants information she cannot afford to give.

Soon, it is only a question of who will break first.

My Review
Tamed is the first Alison Aimes book that I’ve read and my goodness, it is steamy! Right from the beginning when the hero and heroine meet, there is sexual tension practically leaping from the pages. Be warned this is one HOT book with lots of sexy, sensual moments between the H/h.

While Tamed is the first book by Aimes that I’ve read, it’s actually the fourth installment in The Condemned series. Since I haven’t read the previous books, I did find it a bit harder to follow along in the beginning. I wasn’t quite sure who the characters were, what Dragath25 was, or why the characters were in their current situation. So while I would definitely recommend starting this series from the beginning, that isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy this one because I absolutely did!

Aimes wove a fantastic story that left me hooked and wanting to know more. I sympathized and fell for the hero, Grif, and while it took me a little longer to understand the heroine, Nayla, I found that by the end I was definitely wanting Nayla and Grif to get their happily ever after. I should mention that I think the reason it may have taken me longer to understand Nayla was because I didn’t have any background knowledge of this series beforehand. I’m definitely eager to go back and read the books from the beginning to see if that changes my view of Nayla’s introduction! There is also a lot happening in the background of the story but Tamed focuses heavily on the relationship between Grif and Nayla which I loved. Watching each of their characters expose their scars and learn to grow together was amazing.

Overall, I think if you like dark and steamy reads with a twist, you should pick up this series! It’s action-packed, full of intrigue and will leave you consumed by the craziness that is happening off-planet on Dragath25!

Disclaimer: Thank you to the author for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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