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ARC Review: Hard Fall – Sara Ney (Trophy Boyfriends #2)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Hard Fall”

That’s what my mom is always saying: “The bigger you are, the harder you fall.” She’s talking about love—I’ve never been in it myself, but that doesn’t stop me from secretly matchmaking for my friends. Who would suspect me, a world class athlete, of meddling in other people’s love lives? I love Love, especially when it’s not me who’s doing the falling…

“No Thanks.”

That’s what Hollis Westbrooke said when I asked her on a date. Well, propositioned her, actually—but it was all a big joke; one she doesn’t think is funny. My stomach is in knots since I might actually like this girl so the joke is on me. Hollis’s father is my boss—and she doesn’t date players.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall—especially when biggest player is me.

My Review
If you love sports romances and romantic comedies, you NEED the Trophy Boyfriends series in your life! Hard Fall picks up where Hard Pass left off with Trace “Buzz” Wallace dusting his hands off after successfully matchmaking Noah and Miranda. But now it’s Trace’s turn to find love…

The heroine, Hollis, was down to earth, stubborn and so damn sassy. I loved learning about her life and seeing her grow as a person. Like so many people, Hollis falls for the stereotype surrounding Trace believing he’s really a no-good player and does everything she can to avoid him; but Trace is just as stubborn and he’s determined to make her fall for the real him.

Ah, Trace. What can I say about Trace? His personality is so over-the-top, always full of jokes and just being silly. I spent so much time alternating between laughing out loud at his jokes and playfully rolling my eyes. He’s got a big personality that was perfectly balanced with Hollis’ seriousness and they brought the best out of each other. Basically, they were perfect together.

While Trace’s big personality took up so much of the book’s focus, readers were also introduced to Trace’s amazing family. I don’t want to give too much away but will say his mum is hilarious and I need more Tripp! Seriously, I cannot wait for Tripp’s book (and am counting down the days to it’s release in October).

Of course as a sports romance, you do see some sports (in this case: baseball) but it’s not the main focus in the book. The main focus is definitely the romance between sexy baseball player, Trace, and fiercely independent, Hollis.

This story was such a fun, light-hearted read and the perfect pick me up for anyone needing a laugh. Sara Ney creates hilarious, witty characters and steamy storylines. I absolutely adore Ney’s writing style and storylines, and I absolutely count the Trophy Boyfriends as one of my all time favourite series. If you haven’t read this series yet, pick it up now in preparation of Hard Love coming in October!

Disclaimer: Thank you to the author and Wildfire Marketing Solutions for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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