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ARC Review: Dark Fairy Tales Anthology

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Please note: The overall book is 4 stars; however, stories will be individually rated in the review. These stories are for 18yo+.

I received this book to review Skye Warren’s story but I will briefly mention each story.

The Blurb
In a castle adorned with gems, coated in gold, and dusted with luxury, the youngest of the Constantine Family will be introduced to the elite of New York. But the party isn’t all glamor. Villains lurk in dark corners, evil deals are struck, and star-crossed loves are born.


The Ugly Duckling by CJ Roberts
Beauty and the Beast by Willow Winters
Cinderella by Aleatha Romig
Little Red Riding Hood by Karina Halle
Jack & the Beanstalk by Marley Valentine
Snow White by T.M. Frazier
Rumpelstiltskin by Celia Aaron
King Midas by Skye Warren
King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly
Princess and the Pea by Sierra Simone
Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

Attend the ball, wear a red cloak, lose your shoe, spin straw to gold, or fall prey to a witch. In these fairytale retellings from bestselling authors, you will find a prince, but you might choose your happily ever after with the beast.

My Review
King Midas by Skye Warren – 4.5 Stars

I loved this refreshing and modern take on the King Midas story. Every moment was enhanced with golden embellishments and the idea of sensory exploration between a young woman and the sexy, touch-starved man who paid for her virginity. It may have been a short story but it was full of personality and steaminess. Skye Warren delivered the perfect first story to lead this anthology of dark fairy tales. It set a wonderfully high standard and left me so intrigued to see how the rest of the authors would tackle their tales.

Rumpelstiltskin by Celia Aaron – 4 Stars

A deliciously dark tale based on making deals with an enticing stranger (aka Rumpelstiltskin). I haven’t read anything by Celia Aaron before but I loved this and need to check out Aaron’s backlist.

The Princess and the Pea by Sierra Simone – 3 Stars

A D/s second chance romance with some steamy matchmaking twists.

Little Red Riding Hood by Karina Halle – 4 Stars

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf? Not this heroine. She is a wolf in disguise with skills to match the hero’s.

The Ugly Duckling by CJ Roberts – 2.5 Stars

F/F romance. A dark and steamy twist on the classic Ugly Duckling tale. Unfortunately, this one left me a little confused. I think I would have rated this higher if it were a longer story, allowing for more detail.

Beauty and the Beast by Willow Winters – 4 Stars

I’m a sucker for a B&tB retelling and I loved this one. It stayed true to many of the classic elements while still being a modern experience.

Jack & The Beanstalk by Marley Valentine – 3.5 Stars

M/M romance. This novella is dark and dangerous with a hint of dapper.

King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly – 5 Stars

I’ve never heard of the tale of King Thrushbeard before but this introduction to the story by Cora Reilly was fantastic. I absolutely loved this one! It delivered an intense, dark romance in a short period of time and stayed true to the morals behind the original fairytale.

Swan Princess by Natasha Knight – 4.5 Stars

The anthology might be called ‘dark’ fairy tales but this tale was perfectly balanced with a modern, sweet take on the classic Swan Princess story. I loved this one so much!

Cinderella by Aleatha Romig – 3.5 Stars

A modern Cinderella story introducing characters in the author’s Sparrow Webs World.

Snow White by TM Frazier – 4 Stars

Another wonderful take on a classic fairytale and the perfect ending to this anthology!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Valentine PR for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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