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The Dreaded Reading Slump

It’s unfortunately that awful and unexpected time again when I fall into a reading slump. As someone who usually has a book in my hand (and a kindle in my bag), I’m grateful that reading slumps don’t occur for me too often; but when they do, it can often feel like they’ll never end…

The good news is: they do!

I think many readers can understand the frustration that is felt when a reading slump occurs and so I’ve listed below a few of my favourite methods that often help. I should point out that not every method works every time but usually I’ll try a few until I get out of the bookish funk. If you have any other ways you like to get over the slump, let me know in the comments below!

So what is a reading slump?

A reading slump is a state of feeling continually restless or uninspired by every story you attempt to read. It does not necessarily mean that the book you’re reading is bad, it usually just means you’re not in the mood to read it so you pick up another book and the same feelings occur again and again. It seems to be very much mood-based and so it can frequently occur for mood readers such as myself.

If you’ve never experienced a reading slump before, that is amazing and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you never do!

So what are some of the methods that I like to try?

wild at heart ka tucker

Re-read a favourite book
This is probably my favourite and most used method to get over a reading slump. If you’re not in the mood to focus on a new story, setting or character, pick up a tried and tested favourite story and dive back into the comfort of that world. You already know the whole story and therefore, you can read it at your own pace or skip to the best parts. It can also give you the wonderful feeling of returning home.

Try a new genre or subgenre
As a romance reader, my main genre is of course romance. When I’m in a slump though, I’ll look at picking up a thriller, general fiction or young adult novel to mix things up. Alternatively, if I’m been sticking to a particular type of romance, I’ll check out other types of romance and subgenres. For example, I read a lot of contemporary romance and have done so for the last couple of years. When I’m in a reading slump, I’ll have a look at alien/sci-fi romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, or make the switch from dark romance to a light, fluffy rom-com. Likewise, try a novella! You still get amazing story for a fraction of the time spent reading.

Use a random generator to pick your next read
Can’t decide what to read next, then don’t! Make a numbered list of some books on your TBR, then find a free random generator online and let the generator pick a number. Whichever number is chosen, find it on your list and get reading!

Try a different reading format
Hardcovers, paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks, manga… the choices are endless. I’ve always been a paperback gal but since the easiest (and most affordable) way for me to read so many of the indie authors that I love is by reading ebooks, I can sometimes feel like I get into a rut from staring so often at my kindle and phone screens. When this happens, I try to go back to paperbacks and will pick up a physical copy of a book from my shelf at home. Want to try something else? Why not listen to an audiobook while you get on with your usual daily activities!

Check out what other people are saying
Rather than starting a new book, take a short break from the story-side of things and listen to what other people think about a book. Check out the explore page on bookstagram, read through reviews on goodreads and amazon, listen to some book-related podcasts! All of these things can help reset your reading mood and you may even find some new recs to add to your TBR. A couple of my favourite romance-based book podcasts include: Fated Mates, Read Me Romance and Learning the Tropes.

Take a break from reading
I know this is probably the last thing any reader wants to hear but sometimes it really is the only way to “reset” your reading mood. Take a step back from your TBR, maybe binge-watch a show/movie that’s been on your Netflix list for a while, try putting pen to paper or get tapping away on your keyboard, anything that’ll give you a mini break from reading and allow you to go into your next book with fresh eyes and a fresh mindset.

So now I’m off to go try out a few of these methods and get back into my own reading. If you have any more tips, let me know!


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