Teaser: Chicago Code Blue – Diane Portman-Ray (Chicago #1)

It’s time to throw away the apples and get ready for a daily dose of sexy doctor in this medical romance series by Diane Portman-Ray!

Chicago Code Blue is book one in the Chicago series and it sounds amazing!

What’s the book about?

First, do no harm…
But he hurts me like no other.

I left France because there was nothing left for me there. No more school, no more family, nothing. Starting a new life is never easy but I was prepared. I was ready for it.

Until I met Dr. Zachary Ford, the tall, dark and tasty curse of my life. He is rough and full of hate…for me, for her, for women in general. But there’s something magnetic between us. Visceral. A reaction I didn’t believe I was capable of.

Zach is my Savior but he’ll also be my downfall.
He’ll break me.


I will remember that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife…

But I can’t give her sympathy. I don’t want to.

The day London walked into my Operation Room was the day everything else went to hell. She’s a delicate flower and I’m a brutal man, I should stay away. I should let her walk. But I can’t. I need to have this woman, to take her, and to make her shiver under my touch.

I will hurt her.
And I might even enjoy doing it.

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*Available on Kindle Unlimited*
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