Contemporary Romance

Review: Fling – Jana Aston (Wrong #2.5)

Rating 4 Stars

Read more about the novella here

Fling is such a lovely additional novella to the Wrong series and focuses on Sandra and Gabe. In the previous book, Right, we’re introduced to Sandra as the sophisticated but quiet and somewhat shy, personal assistant of Sawyer. She becomes the new addition to Everly’s friend group and Everly’s latest relationship project.

Gabe, on the other hand, is Sawyer’s business partner and best friend. While Sandra doesn’t report directly to Gabe, they see each other often at work. One day while Everly is visiting, she sees the sparks fly in the subtle looks shared between Sandra and Gabe and decides to play matchmaker. As you can guess from Everly’s book, hilarity ensued!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Sandra was such a like-able, genuine and relatable character. Gabe was a little more mysterious but when we get his side, I enjoyed seeing his feelings develop. The storyline itself was like watching a fun, old school romcom play out! Aside from Everly’s matchmaking, there is also the “eighties-style teen movie sex quiz” that Sandra fills out with a friend during a meeting which – surprise, surprise – gets misplaced and the quiz ends up in Gabe’s hands. Gabe’s attempts to work out whether the handwriting is Sandra’s was hilarious and I knew immediately he and Sandra were going to be such a perfect fit as a couple.

This really was a great contemporary romance novella and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys old school romcoms, office romances and/or crazy matchmaking schemes!


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