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Review: Right – Jana Aston (Wrong #2)

Rating 3 Stars

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In Right, we catch up with lovable friend Everly from the first book as she continues to get up to her usual shenanigans. She’s a force to be reckoned with and is about to meet her match.

For years now, Everly has believed herself in love with her older brother’s friend, Finn. So much so that she does everything she can to get him to see she’s the one for him, including breaking and entering into his home to cook him dinner… but is she really?

During another one of her attempts to get close to Finn, she’s introduced to his older brother, Sawyer, and everything she’s put Finn through is about to be turned around back on her by Sawyer. Could she really have been so wrong about Finn all this time? And does that make Sawyer the right one for her?

I really enjoyed this one and loved Sawyer as a character. I thought he was brilliant the way he matched each of Everly’s quirks with his own and took delight in her spontaneous behaviour. I’ll admit it did take me a while to warm up to Everly though. She’s incredibly outgoing and a little erratic so while I appreciated her vivacity, I also found her to be a little overbearing. However, she proves herself time and time again to be a great friend to Sophie, Sandra and Chloe, and a true partner in every regard to Sawyer.

Without giving any spoilers away, I will add that the dramatic event that occurs towards the end left me a little frustrated. I felt like Sawyer actions weren’t thought through very well and he really should’ve given Everly the benefit of the doubt. Throughout the entire book, Sawyer always muses that Everly never does what he expects and he loves that she surprises him so much in that regard. So I didn’t really understand why he assumed what her reaction would be and made a decision on her behalf without her knowledge. It’s all about open and honest communication, folks!

Overall, this was still a great book and part of such a fun series! I enjoyed seeing more of Sophie’s story from Everly’s point-of-view, meeting Sandra (Sawyer’s personal assistant and the heroine in the next book!), and seeing the continued friendship from childhood with shy, quirky Chloe (heroine of the final book in the series). This is a fun friendship group I would love to visit again in future.

If you enjoy contemporary, romantic comedies with some quirky, kinky relationships, I definitely recommend this series and the author, Jana Aston. I know I’m definitely going to pick up some more of her books in future!


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