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Review: Wrong – Jana Aston (Wrong #1)

Rating 4 Stars

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This story is about young, innocent, college girl Sophie who has a run of bad luck when it comes to picking guys. Each previous guy she’s gone out with has been wrong, wrong, wrong for her. But she’s ready to just give up her V-card and prepare herself for when she finally does meet the right guy.

As a college student, she has a part time job at the local coffee shop, Grind Me, and that’s where her story begins. For a while now, she’s been eyeing the attractive and well-dressed older guy that comes into the cafe every Tuesday. They make light, flirtatious banter and give each other subtle looks across the counter but that’s pretty much the extent of it. Until Sophie decides to end her virginity by sleeping with one of the college guys she’s been casually seeing lately. She decides to be responsible about it and books herself into the student clinic to get on birth control. The gynecologist on duty? Mr Attractive Customer from the coffee shop and that’s where the fun starts.

Firstly, I just want to say a big kudos for Sophie regarding her virginity/sexual health. She makes her own mind up about how and when she wants to lose her virginity, and thinks it through enough to realise how important it is to be proactive in determining her birth control options. Considering she wasn’t super fussed on her so-called “boyfriend” (and his subsequent a-hole behaviour), it was a great decision not to leave the preventative measures up to him. Had she gone through with being with him, you could guarantee he’d have been one of those stereotypical dudes with a million excuses as to why they shouldn’t use anything at all – not cool. So again, kudos to Sophie for planning ahead and taking the time to think through what she is comfortable with.

Secondly, Luke the gyno aka Mr Attractive Customer. His character had me alternating between wide-eyed shock and amusement in an endless cycle. When he and Sophie spend their first night together, all I could think was “this guy is like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. He’d be super sweet one moment and then do a 180 degree switch into kinky. I found this super entertaining and it helped alleviate any seriousness from the book. Maybe its just my sense of humour but I would class this as romantic comedy, even with Luke’s “kink” tendency.

I also really appreciated the age gap trope in this story. I don’t think it would have worked quite as well if Luke had been younger. He’s 36 years old, Sophie’s 22 and together it just made sense. They’re both mature, level-headed people (even with Sophie’s minor freak out later in the book) and I enjoyed watching them grow together as a couple. Without spoilers, I just want to point out it also made the ending super cute. Very glad I picked this one up on KU.


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