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Review: Repeat – Kylie Scott

Rating 4.5 Stars

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Repeat is my first Kylie Scott book and without a doubt, it has become one of my new favourite stories. I ended up reading this free on Kindle Unlimited and now I need to track down a physical copy to add to my bookshelves. It was a story of love, loss, redemption and overcoming insecurities. In a word, it was magnificent.

Repeat begins with Clementine (“Clem”) Johns waking up in a hospital with no memory. She was the victim of a vicious mugging that left her with a head injury and amnesia. She can remember repetitive motions like driving and brushing her teeth; but people, places and events are a complete blank. She doesn’t know who she is and has to rediscover aspects of her personality, her likes and dislikes, and her feelings toward a certain ex-boyfriend that she tracks down to help clear up a few things.

Enter Ed Larsen – tattoo artist and Clem’s ex-boyfriend (aka the love of her life). He and Clem broke up only 4 weeks prior to the attack and he’s still hurt over the way their relationship ended. When Clem storms back into his life not remembering anything about their life together, he doesn’t know what to do. Can he push aside his hurt to help her? Or is the pain of the break up too much?

One of the things I really enjoyed about this story was Clem’s rediscovery of who she was. She allowed her sister and Ed to tell her bits and pieces about before her but she also took each of these tidbits on with the understanding that they were coloured by the other person’s perspective. Clem took this information, took a chance to try new things and then formed her own opinions. She wasn’t the same girl she was before and that’s okay.

I also loved seeing the difference between Ed and Clem’s whirlwind romance before the attack and how they grew as a couple afterwards. They learned to identify where things went wrong and make changes to avoid the same mistakes. They also didn’t just rush into anything again. Both Ed and Clem took the time to re-get-to-know one another before entering back into a relationship which made it very realistic and believable when they did get back together.

To add more suspense to the story, you also discover that the attack on Clem wasn’t random and someone is targeting her. This only increases her want to discover how she used to be and what happened to cause someone to hate her so much.

I’ll admit the attacker is quite obvious and as soon as they were introduced in the story, I was like ‘yup, that’s them!” Even the reason was quite obvious. But that being said, it didn’t detract from the story at all and still allows the rebuilding of Clem and Ed’s relationship to show.

I absolutely loved this story and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys second chance romances or stories with minor romantic suspense themes.


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