Contemporary Romance

Review: Doctor Dearest – RS Grey

Rating 4 Stars

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Doctor Dearest is the latest standalone romantic comedy by RS Grey and features the same humour and quirky characters you’ve come to love in her previous books.

I love medical/doctor-based stories and thoroughly enjoyed Grey’s other book Hot Shot Doc so when I found out her latest was called Doctor Dearest, I was all in! Doctor Dearest is about Natalie Martin and Connor Easton, two doctors working together within the burns unit at the hospital and secretly pining away for each other. Connor is Natalie’s brother’s best friend so the tension has been brewing away for a while prior to the story commencing.

What I enjoyed about this story was that right at the beginning of the book Connor admitted his feelings to her. He told her that he found her attractive, has always liked her and wanted to be with her. I liked that no nonsense approach and found it refreshing from the usual game playing that often occurs with fictional guys in high-profile careers. Unfortunately, on the flip side I did think Natalie, who is eight years younger than Connor, to be a little immature with the way she kept running away from him, putting words in his mouth and just avoided having any sort of serious conversation about the relationship with him. It just made the age gap aspect between the two characters to be a little obvious.

Aside from that, the book was really enjoyable. The medical drama aspects were great and really interesting. There were lots of little medical facts about burn injuries and pregnancies added to this story that I found intriguing and really added to the story.

If you’re like me and enjoy side characters that add to the story, you’ll like the side characters in this story! Noah (Natalie’s brother) is fantastic and I desperately want him to have his own story. Let’s be honest: Natalie’s friend Lindsey was hilarious, super relatable and perfect for Noah. And then there was Lois, the sarcastic, serious and semi-scary nurse with the secret heart of gold.

Overall an enjoyable story and I look forward to seeing what else Grey writes in future.


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