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Review: Happy-Go-Lucky – LH Cosway

Rating 4 Stars

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This was my first LH Cosway story and I loved it! It was so fun and well written, and it featured several of my favourite tropes: opposites attract, office romance, roadtrip and more.

Maisie is a ‘happy-go-lucky’ kind of person. She enjoys helping people, being on friendly terms with everyone and is just a general ray of sunshine. She works as a research in a private investigation office with Cameron, one of the investigators. Cameron is the opposite of Maisie. He’s grouchy, unsocial and believes smiling should be saved for rare occasions. They don’t have too many interactions, save the occasional assistance Maisie provides Cameron with her research, so when she sees Cameron sitting sullen and alone at the office Christmas party, she puts on her big girl pants, attempts to avoid being intimidated by his stature and goes to sit beside him. As the night wears on and the drinks keep flowing, Maisie realises that the very attractive Cameron isn’t so bad after all and they end up back at his place to continue the fun.

What I really loved about Happy-Go-Lucky was that it had the same whimsical vibes I loved in The Hating Game (happy, helpful heroine with grumpy, hot hero who opens up to said heroine) but was still completely different. Both contain office romances with a roadtrip out of town, and it could be argued that many elements in the enemies to lovers trope and opposites attract trope are similar; but the actual story lines show appreciation to the similar vibes while providing the reader with completely different experiences. You couldn’t help but love Maisie’s caring nature and feel for her when certain colleagues were beyond rude and unprofessional towards her; and Cameron was perfect in his ability to be grouchy and intimidating yet show his softer side with Maisie. I even loved several of the friends and family side characters. They added to the main characters but had their own complexities that left me wanting additional stories for them all.

But if you’re thinking this is just another contemporary-based office romance, don’t worry! Both characters work in the PI industry and this fact is not a mere mention. Cosway provides several intriguing cases that Maisie and Cameron work together to solve and I loved how everything tied up together. During the story, Maisie also earns a promotion from research to investigator and I loved the light emphasis Cosway includes on how you can’t just expect things to fall into your lap, you need to put in the effort and work hard for what you want.

Overall, this was such a great read and a fantastic introduction to Cosway’s writing. I can’t wait to read more from her and look forward to seeing what else she releases in future!


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