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Review: Corrupt – Penelope Douglas (Devil’s Night #1)

Rating 4 Stars

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What is Devil’s Night? Devil’s Night is 30th October (the day before Halloween) when a group of boys in high school decided to start the tradition of causing havoc and mayhem across their town. The boys, Michael Crist, Kai Mori, Damon Torrance and Will Grayson III, are known as the Four Horsemen and their antics on Devil’s Night is legendary. In this story, the timeline alternates between three years ago when the boys were in college and went back to their old stomping ground for Devil’s Night and present day. Three years ago, what started as a typical night of debauchery ended with three of the boys in prison and since then all four have been plotting revenge on the person they believe caused their downfall: Rika.

Rika’s and Michael’s families have always been quite close and growing up, Rika spent a lot of time at the Crist home. However, it’s Michael’s younger brother that both families have been trying to push her towards. Despite this, she has only had eyes for Michael. The night that ended it all, Rika follows the Horsemen out to take part in the antics and when things take a turn for the worst, it’s Rika who is blamed.

In the present, Rika is finally escaping her hometown, family and ex-boyfriend (Michael’s younger brother) by moving to the city for college. It’s the fresh start she has needed and craved for years but the past is catching up to her and the Horsemen are out and looking for payback.

Honestly at this point, I don’t think Penelope Douglas can do wrong. Each book I’ve read by her has been solid 4 stars and I can’t get enough. Her writing style is easy to follow but complex enough not to leave you bored; her story lines hook you in from the start and stay with you long after you finish the book; and her characters are so beautiful in their flaws.

I don’t have too much to say about this one other than this is a dark romance you won’t want to miss. Michael Crist is the definition of sinister hero and poor Rika goes through so much crap from the Horsemen but still manages to make it through stronger than ever. As for the other Horsemen, Kai’s story in Hideaway is absolutely incredible and I’ve yet to read Damon’s story in Switchkill but I’ve heard so many great things. Don’t worry though, Will will also be getting his story but it’s not yet released!

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