Contemporary Romance

ARC Review: Sincerely, – FS Yousaf

Rating 4 Stars

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It’s not often that I read poetry and I don’t have the ability to pick apart each sentence, line or word to discover a hidden meaning like so many of my English teachers used to do. But that in no way stopped me from enjoying this book immensely. Seriously, I loved it!

I read each poem as a whole and was able to experience its beauty in the moment. Yousaf has such a way with words that you immediately feel transported into his shoes, feeling every feeling and thinking every thought.

I also don’t usually annotate in my books (physical or ebook) but there were several passages in this one that I just had to highlight in my kindle so I could come back to them later. This book may be an ode to their significant other but it covered so much more. Topics like not giving up, always trying your best, how your partner can bring you happiness but only you can save yourself, were all touched on in the poems and I found Sincerely, to be so inspiring.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Central Avenue Publishing and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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