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Review: Credence – Penelope Douglas

Rating 4 Stars

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When I first heard that Penelope Douglas was releasing a new book, I became very excited! Since discovering her work last year, I’ve loved everything I’ve read. Then I read the synopsis and the excitement remained but it was also paired with some nerves. In a very short summary, Credence is about a 17yo girl who suddenly becomes orphaned and since she is not yet an adult, he care is left to an estranged step-uncle. She picks up her life and moves to a remote location in Colorado with her step-uncle and step-cousins.

Now when it comes to taboo in romance, there are some things that I’m fine with and others that I’m just not comfortable reading. The issue of ‘step’ relationships don’t bother me since they aren’t actually related but I’ve personally never had much interest in reading books featuring multiple partner relationships. The synopsis, little snippets and teasers posted online in the lead up to Credence’s release gives nothing away as to what you can expect in this book. Will she end up with one of the men? All three? None? Who knows?! The only thing you can guarantee, if you’ve read anything by Douglas previously, is she writes dark romances and situations so well!

Tiernan is young, inexperienced to the ways of the world and often makes silly decisions and mistakes but I also found her to be incredibly relatable and a joy to watch grow into the person she is meant to be. Each of the men – Jake, Noah and Kaleb – go through their own personal growth but my favourite part was seeing their family dynamic transform with the addition of Tiernan.

I don’t want to give too much away but will say that Tiernan gets her HEA. Her ending was so lovely and exactly what I spent the entire book hoping was going to happen so that was the cherry on top of an amazing read! This is a story that will stick with you for a long time (as so many of Douglas’ stories do) and I can’t wait to see what she writes next.

TW: This story contains mention of suicide, violence, sexual assault, parental neglect and dark, graphic scenes.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Credence – Penelope Douglas”

    1. Hi Julie, HEA stands for “happily ever after,” so in this context, it’s about Tiernan’s story getting a happy ending. Hope you enjoyed the review (but even more so, I hope you enjoy the book!) 💞


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