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Review: Outmatched – Kristen Callihan & Samantha Young

Rating 4.5 Stars

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My bookish friends all know that I can’t go past a good sports romance – boxing, mma, ice hockey, football, soccer – you name it, I’m awaiting it’s release. This story was no different. Samantha Young is one of my favourite authors so when she announced she was teaming up with Kristen Callihan (a new-to-me author that’s now on my list to check out further) to write a sports romance based on an ex-heavyweight boxer and a “geeky” (read: smart, trivia-loving eco-warrior) woman, I knew I had to get my hands on this book. Parker – said “geek” – is in need of a fake boyfriend to prove her “commitment in life” and secure herself a permanent position within the company she’s currently working for. While the majority of her bosses and colleagues are lovely and more than happy to have her on board, the CEO in charge of making the final hiring decisions is a misogynistic old dude in need of waking up to what year it is.

Enter Rhys…
Rhys was never meant to be her fake boyfriend. Instead, his college-educated younger brother Dean was meant to meet Parker until Rhys hijacked that meeting to give Parker a piece of his mind. Right from the get go, Rhys and Parker had sparks. Their chemistry throughout the book was fun, flirtatious and witty. Of course, they weren’t without their obstacles which they tackled both independently and together. I loved this aspect because it really showed their character growth that they learnt to become honest and open with each other, but still able to think for themselves and act independently. My favourite part of this story was Parker’s lesson of learning to take her commitment to standing up for the environment and using it to stand up for herself as well.

Please note: While this book is considered a sports romance, it is not heavily focused on the sports element. Instead it focuses more on saving Rhys’ sports gym and his reasons for quitting boxing.

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