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ARC Review: His Royal Highness – RS Grey

Rating 5 Stars

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I just want to point out that RS Grey has been one of my fave authors since I first started reading her books last year – so to say I have high expectations of Rachel’s books is an understatement. But boy, did she meet every. single. expectation. and then some!

I’m giving this book a big ol’ FIVE STARS because quite simply, everything from the characters, the plot, and the dialogue to the feels and nostalgia this book created was amazing. It set my young, princess-loving heart aflutter and I wanted to crawl inside this fictional theme park and live out the rest of my days.

Whitney was equal-parts realistic (her embarrassing first-crush behaviour was super relatable, am I right ladies?) and hilarious with her well timed one-liners. She grew into a confident, independent individual, despite her upbringing, and worked hard to make her life her own. I also adored her relationship with Cal. He was every bit the parental figure she needed and deserved! And Derek, what can I say about Derek? Despite a mistake made years ago (which he later learnt from: hello communication!), he really was a total prince and Whitney’s equal. Overall this story incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like a princess for a day.

Disclaimer: Thank you to RS Grey and InkSlinger PR for the free copy in an exchange for an honest review.

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